About Us

Anchor Baptist Church is…

  • An Independent Baptist Church holding to the Fundamentals of the Faith.
  • Seeking the Glory of God in all that we do.
  • Feeding the sheep through the teaching of God’s Word.
  • Holding Forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the hope of mankind.

A Brief History of Anchor Baptist Church

Anchor Baptist Church began in November of 1991. Our original name was Wetmore Road Baptist Church. Wetmore Road Baptist Church started as a mission church of Leon Valley Baptist Church. Bro. Howard Vickery has served as the pastor since the beginning.

The first 11 years we met in the Stone Ridge Square storefront on Wetmore Rd. In 2002 we moved to a storefront on El Sendero St., just off of Nacogdoches Rd. Following the move to El Sendero St, we started the process of seeking a new name for the church. In March of 2003, a vote was taken to change the name to Anchor Baptist Church. In December of 2008, the Lord blessed us with property and a building located at 5311 Crestway Dr. After renovation, we moved to the new location and held our first service in January of 2009.

We hope that our friends of years past who knew us by our old name and locations will find their way to the new location. Come see what the Lord has done. We give Him all the glory. Great is His Faithfulness.